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Your sonas’ skin patterns? | Fur Affinity Forums

If you have been around and/or seen various characters, you must have noticed that many furries have unique skin/fur/feather(+etc) patterns (prescribed as ‘fur patterns’ below) on furry characters. Sometimes similar, and in much rare cases, even same!

Be it classic, unique or completely original(I mean exotic(?) ), I was kinda curious on how one could come up with such designs. And since I haven’t noticed such thread around, I thought why not make one? OwO

So this time, if you won’t mind, let’s share how we’ve came up with our sonas’ fur patterns!
Is it based off from real life animal(s) with your creativity?
Is it simply that of the real life counterpart(s)?
Is it your own unique design?
Or do you not really care and made it simple without the need to consider such?
Or others?

Plus, does the fur pattern correlate with other body parts(human hair, horns, teeth, claws, etc) to complete your designs?

Lemme share mine first!

This is my sona, Terry!
Since the universe they live in is populated with the furry counterparts of known species(with or without human hair) in real life, Terry had to be so too!
In fact, they can switch fur patterns at will while being limited to real life cats’ fur patterns.(Black, Mackerel, Calico, Tuxedo, Siamese, etcetc..) However, thanks to my laziness, my arts are mostly(overwhelmingly) featuring plain white fur >p
Oh, the patterns on Terry’s face is a facepaint, not a natural pattern per setups! And their paw pads and eyes color are always the same–pink and green respectively.
The human hair part actually has two tones when the fur is not plain white, while I can just remove human hair if I want, as well. This one is not really settled but my history says Terry’s got human hair.
Other stuff not mentioned here are just typically expected appearances, except the assassin outfit!

I know it’s highly likely to conflict with other characters around the world, but at the same time, since such design is kinda ‘universal’, I expect to be kept away from troubles and I as well is ready to respect other look-alikes as their own respectively. UwU

Okay, that’s mine! How about you? OwO

Oh, and I just put a poll to let everyone get an outline of various types!

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