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This thread is link various writing exercises on FA or elsewhere. You can also put writing meme questions and answers here too.

poetigress hosts a “Thursday Prompt,” and it comes out on Thursdays :eek:; basically she thinks of a word or phrase and you write something about it)


it’s restarting on 08/13/09

GraveyardGreg hosts a “Tarbh challenge” and he thinks of a word or phrase, and you write something about it, but it has to be exactly 100 words.

Go to his journals to see some :
(if you watch him, you get them automatically)

Here is some non FA links that poetigress has given me ’cause she’s super:

Dragon Writing Prompts:

Ink Provoking:

The Story Starter:

WritingFix (choose the “Writing Prompts” menu in the left column):

Mike Barker’s Writers’ Exercises:…..exercises.html

I can update this as things change.

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