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Would you tickle the footpaws (hooves, &c.) of the furry above you?

Why not! >:}

the cat playfully approaches the frog and starts tickling with his paws, laughing as you squirm, then notices a slight liquid on his paw fur. Before anyone can react, he instinctively licks the fur to clean it, then stops to notice everyone staring…>

Um, what’s going on? Is there something I should know? <looks around slowly> And can someone please explain where those rainbow coloured bats came from? <the cat starts giggling and pawing at the air playfully, then looks around at everyone dreamily> Oooo, my fur tingles so much, and that shimmer…<jaw drops in astonishment at something unknown>…what’s happening? <confused grin>

OH, I get it, the bats bring the power of mind tickles! It all makes sense now…<melodramatically> Come to me my Rainbow bats, I send you to tickle everyone! <the cat laughs and paws at the air, pointing to random animals> Get them, my pretties, tickle the world!!! <the cat falls to the ground and laughs helplessly pawing at the invisible bats, as someone whispers to the frog asking how long the effects normally last in felines…>


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