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Would like some tips, suggestions, anything- I’m starting over.

Okay. I promise after this thread, I’ll shut up lol. I have decided to start a clean slate with my fursonas. If you say my thread before, I was struggling to make something out of the fursonas I had. It was just a mess and was honestly kind of stressing me out! I slept on it and decided to start over. I’ve watched most of the videos on YouTube and they just don’t seem that helpful for me. I don’t have any friends that are furries and when I did ask them for help, they didn’t know what to say. So, I’m asking you guys for help (again). I would really appreciate some tips and suggestions on making my new fursona. What species do you recommend? What colors do you think look best together? What are accessories you like? (I really like accessories). I’m open to just about anything and you can do what you want.

Here are some photos I found on Google that I found I liked. These are not mine and they belong to the artist who made them.

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