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would like friends :3 | Fur Affinity Forums

im in need of friends of the furry and/or art variety! im not great at approaching people right though, so im trying this method^^”
so! my name is Neri, im 22yrs old and an artist :D im into fire emblem, pokemon, and horror themed things. my other smaller interests come and go^^” like attack on titan, the great, league, etc. lots of different things, but theyre all based on whether im into the art or music of said thing. im technically new to the furry fandom, although i’ve been lurking around for a bit, just looking before i decided to make a fursona last year and officially dive in c: i’d like to be more immersed
please do talk with me if you have any interests that may coincide with mine, or if you just want a new friend. im excited to talk to anyone new really
heres some of my art btw, if you wanna be my art friend;


thank you for taking the time to read


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