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Working on a new species, would like some opinions!

I’ve been working on a few different characters and species for quite some time, but I figured that I would actually get a rough sketch done for any extra work down the line. To be completely fair, they are more alien then animal-based, but strip the alien inspirations, and they come across as rather raptor like (both reptile and avian):

Or rather, Metal Armoured Space Raptors ^^.

Well, that is what I like to say anyway. Meet the Nyxdai. They draw inspiration from Halo’s Elites (and admittedly I used different takes on Elites as a reference to get the ball rolling), but they also draw on some inspiration from other different species to, such Turians, Fallen and another fan creation, the Avali. I have however been working to try and make them as original as I can.

As I said, they are a species of armoured raptors from an radiation blasted ice planet. I don’t want to reveal too many details on them yet, as they are something I’m still working on. But what I can explain is that these raptors have naturally growing metal armour across their bodies which can come in a range of colours with grey, silver and bronze are the most common, but occassionally you can get a gunmetal blue or red and more rarely black. Gold is exclusive to specific individuals and if you come across green or other colours like it, get help, cos that armour is rusting! That being said, some can grow metallic feathers that can be shaped. There are other aspects to their biology I’m going to keep quiet on for now.

Culturally speaking is when the major differences between the other inspirations and the species kick in. At a basic level, their culture is inspired by Vikings, but also Scottish Clans (the warpaint is my attempt to blend some Viking and Celtic styles together). They have a major focus on warriors but also have an equal regard for hunters due to their early history. In fact, the species name of Nyxdai, in their language, translates quite literally to ‘Hunter(s) of Nyx’ with Nyx being their homeworld. They may seem like barbarians, but they are actually a very cultured people too with bards, ornate tapestry for their Clans (Atrix being but one Clan, and others sporting colors other than silver and orange) and longhalls, as well as paganistic beliefs. Not too different from the actual Vikings and Clans.

And that’s about as much as I’m willing to reveal just yet, other that I’m planning to include them in a wider setting.

It’s a rough sketch I admit. But I wanted to get something together that would help get a few ideas down on paper. I’m curious to hear what people think about this species whilst I work on them further.

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