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What should I do about a weird color not found in fur?

I’m working on getting all the materials ordered to make a partial of my fursona, Lusaire, and I’ve found almost every color I need, but I’ve run into a bit of a problem. Apparently his color palette has a color that doesn’t really seem to exist in physical objects. The worst part is that it’s his main body color, which covers a large portion of his head and body. I got the nearest Pantone matches (which seem to be either 518 C or 7448 C) and have been trying to locate fur that would match it that way, but so far I still haven’t had much luck over the last month. I’ve ordered quite a few sample swatches and none of them have been a close match yet.

So I’d like to ask what my best option is here without making the suit look terribly different than his reference. Do I just go with a fur that’s a little off-color (i.e. more or less saturated, more red or more purple, etc.), or do I try to get a custom run made? Since this is just a partial I’m hesitant to get custom run, as it looks like it’ll be pretty expensive and a lot of the companies I’ve looked at require you to order at least five yards.

Here’s part of his reference, the color I’m having trouble with is the lighter grey-purple color:

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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