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What movie(s) have you seen countless times and why?

For me, my top three movies that I’ve watched so many times that I can’t keep count anymore are:

1. Sweeney Todd
– I LOVE the score and lyrics of this film (and musical). I hadn’t intended on watching it from the day it came out until last year just because I thought musicals weren’t my style. This film proved me wrong.

2. Repo! the Genetic Opera
– Again, another musical but I wasn’t aware of it until maybe 2013 or 2014. LOVED it, though I know it’s not perfect. In fact, the ending doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s still nostalgic and fun to watch. I highly recommend it (and Sweeney Todd) if you’re into blood/light gore/dark themes.

3. Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga’Hoole
– Okay. Hold onto your hats/tails, cause this film is on some other level. Think Lord of the Rings meets Avengers. But with owls. This film is based on a series of books (that I immediately went out and purchased not long after I watched the film) and if you like Harry Potter/LotR/Game of Thrones type of media, but with animals, you’d love this series. Sadly, this is the only movie they made that is a summary of the first three books. But it is damn gorgeous to look at – this film came out in like 2010 and I’m just…in awe at the level of detail.

I have all of these movies on dvd and have watched them on Netflix/HBO/Hulu/On Demand for a ridiculous amount of times. Like, we’re talking maybe over 53 views per movies. Idk, I lost count a while back. Anyway! I cannot stress just how much I recommend people to watch these films.
Has anyone else seen them?

Let me know what you guys can’t stop watching!! :D


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