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What is a fursona to you?

We’ve had more and more “what is X aspect of your fursona like?” threads cropping up, and it got me thinking about the ways different people relate to the word.

To me, a fursona has to have some aspect of self-representation to it. My own fursona is simply an aesthetic superimposed over myself, so to speak. My “malesona” is a sort of… idealized furry me, in some ways that are hard to explain (especially while keeping things PG-13). My ex’s fursona was an aesthetic superimposed over him, while at the same time being an independent character with his own life and backstory – I don’t know how much those two coexisted, if at all (by “coexisted” I mean… whether he saw himself in the character when he thought of the backstory, and whether the character’s backstory was a factor when he used the character to represent himself).

I also see some people who seem to call all their original furry characters fursonas, which I will admit confuses me a bit. Maybe I’m just getting old. ;)

So how do you relate to the term and/or concept of a fursona? How do you see your own fursona?


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