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Unofficial FurAffinity app for iPhone


I made a mobile app for Fur Affinity for iPhone on my free time. I use it daily for a few months now to check latest submissions from artists I follow with the convenience of native mobile apps, with a feed similar to Twitter or Instagram.

The project is open source so you can check that it’s indeed scam-free or even contribute to it. It is 100% free, ad-free and can be installed on any iPhone with iOS 15 or later without any jailbreak. You can find more details and the installation steps at

I hope it can be useful to you! It’s quite young so obviously there’re still many features missing for the moment and maybe bugs (I hope not so many :oops:).
If you have any request or bug while using it, I suggest you open an issue on GitHub, so that I can track each issue properly.

(thank you Hyilpi, Terriniss and tiaamaito for letting me use your art in the demo ❤️)

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