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Got this idea after sharing a headline about the Facebook blackout on Last Post Wins, and given the diverse origins of furs here, I’m curious to learn more about your places! Feel free to share what’s hot in your country, or other countries you like to follow, as long as it stays within the no-politics rule of the forums (and I’ll ask to at least make an effort to comply because y’know how passionate we tend to be). You may share thoughts and sentiments, but please note that I’m not looking for debates here~

Here’s what’s going on in Northeastern Brazil right now:

I mean. No, we don’t have an active volcano here. This is Cumbre Vieja, that one volcano at La Palma. And all our media sources have been speaking ad nauseam of this eruption since day one because of concerns over a tsunami that could reach our Northeastern coast, as it had already happened before in 1755, as a consequence of the Great Lisbon earthquake.

Looks like volcanic activity has increased, so people are still alert. Recife, the capital of our state, is below sea level in many areas and has already been suffering with the increasingly higher tides over the years, so I definitely get where the concerns come from. No matter how low current risks are, they still exist in our minds


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