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Well, I’ve been working on some more art of my own, and figured I might as well get a full refsheet sorted out for one of my characters. Specifically, Lyris Heartfire is back! It was originally just going to be some practice art, but the way I ended up laying it out made sense on the reference sheet front. I’m also planning on using Lyris more in things like commissions to further explore some ideas I couldn’t do with other characters.

Anyway, here is the sheet and a fresh update on his character details!


Just as an update on his appearence, I decided to opt for giving Lyris a more androgynous, supernatural appearence by slimming them down, narrowing their feet and making their hands bigger and merged into their wrists. As well as amplifying some cuteness. More detail on the art itself is on the Fur Affinity page.

Now, back to those basics:

Lyris also doubles as a potential quote-on-quote species I’ve been wanting to check out a bit called an Ethersprite. Their fur pattern was inspired by a gift and some inspiration came from a few video games I’ve check out recently.

Basic Details
Name: Lyris Heartfire
Species: Ethersprite
Birthdate: 20/6
Age: Biologically 1, but physically and mentally they on par with 18-24 year old.
Gender: Sexless and Non-Binary, but are content with being referred to as male.
Orientation: Bisexual
Build: 4’5” tall, slim build but very light. 50kg.
Star sign: Western – Gemini/Eastern – Fire Rat

Hair and fur: Naturally coloured brown and white.
Markings: They have a few golden-orange marking’s across their fur. Primarily around their arms and head. They also have some golden tattoos and blue scars.
Eye color: Naturally gold-orange, but has heterochormia which makes one eye blue.
Other features: Their has a pair of white/blue ‘scarves’ that run down their back, emerging from a thick, white section of fur that covers their chest, upper back and shoulders.
Clothing/Personal Style: Up in the air! They might wear a mix in clothing, though they will opt for something androgynous.


They are capable of combat and can fly. However, their real talent is in their creativty. Whilst they are still working on their abilities, they deeply enjoy writing and art. They are incredibly creative and inventive with the circumstances.
Physically, they are fragile, and losing the scarve’s can cause great harm. Emotionally, they are naive and can be very emotional at the wrong times.

Notable Extra Infomation

  • As an Ethersprite, they may seem like a little canine but they’re actually an energy being underneath that fur, which is essentialy conjouried up into their own image. Their energy seeps through a scar and one eye and he can temporarily blow the fur away to reveal a blue form of energy.
  • He possesses a white/blue ‘scarf’ that extends out from his neck fur, which helps him channel his own energy based abilities. This scarf varies from each different Ethersprite. In Lyris’ case, they can form wings from them. Furthermore, other Ethersprites can sport other scraf designs, capes and ponytails.
  • He has a bushy tail which can split into multiple tails at once.
  • He’s a digitgrade, and walks bipedally.
  • A few smaller features includes a few scars from where they were injured shortly after their ‘birth’. Those injuries are also the cause of their heterochromia, with a natural eye colour being orange, and his healed eye being blue. He has an X-shaped scar around this eye and one of his ears is chipped, both show his natural energy underneath.
  • They also has the ability to shift into other forms, however, these are not shown here specifically. Alongside his regular form there is an featureless, blue energy form and an armoured, bigger form.
  • Lyris also in some appearences has a pair of golden tattoos on some of his limbs. On his left wrist, he has the Chinese Characters for Fire Rat visible, whilst on his right leg, he has the combined symbols for the classical element of Air, the Zodiac of Gemini and the Astronomical Symbol for Mercury. This is less of a lore thing and more just a little hilarious coincidence that some of their traits match up with the Zodiacs that match me. I might actually include something about the Zodiac’s into Ethersprite lore, just for fun if anything else since I don’t believe in astrology. Like I said, always makes a good laugh.

He’s a little ball of fluff, always out to have some fun whilst generally being an allround nice guy to whoever he meets. Underneath all that ‘fur’ though, and he’s actually quite traumatised. He is also very creative, and utter enjoys and appreciates other’s own creative pursuits. He tends to go wandering around with a big set of headphons listening to music 50% of the time.

Lyris is a little ball of fluff, always out to have some fun. They are an all round nice person to whoever they meet, and are deeply compassionate, trying their best to look after people who need help and offer a shoulder for them to lean on. Underneath all that fur though, they are actually quite traumatised due to events that have occured in the past which means they can be emotionally compromised if the right buttons are pressed. However, they try not to put their issues onto anyone else.

They are very creative, and utterly enjoys exploring ideas and appreciates others’ own creative pursuits along side their own. They tend to go wondering around with a big set of headphones, as they very much love music. Lyris is also very expressive, and is willing to try new things and approaches, such as opting for androgynous clothing or trying a different style of creativity.


So with that in mind, let me know what else you thing on Lyris! Like I said, I’m hoping to do some more with them down the line to explore a few things.

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