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The return of the Cybornetic Wolf Musican that isn’t a cyborg just has a mechanical arm”!

Greetings! I have been gone from this site for about… 2 years? Besides the ocasional game post. I just wanted to Re-introduce myself.
The Name is Synomance, Or Syno as some like to call me, i’m 27, a musician and want to learn how to draw. I reside in germany, and am always on the lookout for people to chat with/Meet up even. Obviously with the whole covid situation it’s harder, but chatting is still nice. I also play games from time time, ranging from Team Fortress to Final Fantasy 14. So if there are any questions, hit me up , discords in my signature :p
(i also apoligize for the lack of a nice looking text, I’m currently on borrowed internet,)


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