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Tamatteru no, ma ga dashite yarushi

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

My peace disappeared in no time. Koto one month ago – – which dates back. The remarriage partner whom brought without any sign. It was a younger student under one which went in Campus same as me. The Name is yuki*. Dye hair, and the skin is burnt, and paste is light, and be Girls of so-called gal line. I who was quiet, and was not clear was the Girls which an affinity had bad even if I thought how. Therefore prevented you from being concerned in new life if possible……. The voice that and yuki* who are audible in addition to a way of ichaicha as I want to sigh almost every day cross. I was made to suffer mental anguish, and kept on. A case happens while I spend such days. I have been played with by yuki* which charged at the bathroom! "Were so, have hit on good Koto. ♪" which instead of having you do housework, trains you of the Cherry Boy yuki* which is in younger students of the Campus and so-called Gal in Step. And I that it has been targeted `play’ of such her. On earth what happens from now on……?

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