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Suggest some unique animals to be my fursona?

Ayoo, I have like no idea for what my fursona should be so I was hoping you guys would like to suggest some cool heckin animals to be my fursona so I can look into them? :)

You can go off my personality but it isn’t recommended to but maybe it helps. I’m extremely shy and antisocial. I don’t like people of crowds of that nature. Although when I’m with friends or people I tend to be the most comfy with, I am an absolute goofy person. I can be quite a moody asshole but I consider myself to be as kind as possible. My mood is constantly shifting. I am also extremely lazy and don’t like to put effort into a lot of things. My favorite things/hobbies to do is go out and hike and look for cool things in the woods to collect like bones and items of sorts.

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