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Somebody! Anybody! Please Translate the Manga: “I Want To Seduce The Hero Kemonar!” (Furry Fan)

A few months ago I noticed this manga ended up releasing the second volume of this pretty great manga which is shown in this picture. But so far only 2 chapters have been fan translated.

This manga is about about the black hair girl with glasses who had a crush on a friend who became an adventurer that eventually earned the title of Hero. Although in this world, the title is rewarded to those who have accomplished great feats or are great travelers, the hero the protagonist is gunning for is the latter. When she finally became an adventurer herself and tried to get the hero to party up with her so she could get closer to him, he refused and admitted that he only wanted to party with monster girls, but more specifically beastmen/furries, hence the reason why he travels to so many far places.
After failing to explain his passion and why he’s such a furry fan to her (i.e. knocking him out while calling him a pervert when she couldn’t understand his reasonings about how they’re not the same as animals), the protag gets kidnapped while she was drinking her troubles away by a weird alchemists who wants to experiment on people to make them into monsters so he could conquer the world. The hero arrives too late to stop him from giving her the potion that didn’t really do much but give her cat ears and a tail. After this she ended up continuing her plans to get together with the hero, but she quickly finds out that the potion did more than just give her ears and a tail, it gave her super strength that doesn’t match her mage class. However despite that incident, the plan stays the same to try to seduce the hero, but even with the ears and tail, will she even succeed in her goal as the hero slowly achieves his own dreams?

Although from the cover and the images I’ve seen, it seems that even though she still manages to get to partner up with him, it seems like the hero is able to get other girls to join his party or at the very least follow him. I still don’t know what happened after the second chapter where the protagonist and the hero meets the sphinx girl and I have so many other questions about what happens in the series, and my biggest question is wondering if the side effects of the potion will go beyond super strength for the protagonist. Now that it seems like the fox girl is about to join the group, I really really hope someone will be able to translate this manga soon. I now understand what it feels like to be slowly dying of curiosity.


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