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Slight Existencial Crisis | Fur Affinity Forums

Hmmm… (I’ve been meaning to reply to your thread lately), and I apologize for the late reply.

But, in any case….. (I’ll just say, that): if you enjoy doing Furry-based artwork and you prefer it “not come back to haunt you” later on, (in the real World) – then, maintaining two separate online identities might be the best idea for you going forward, (I think); as – you’ll be able to “have your cake and eat it to”, so to speak…. (and that way there) – you can continue to create Furry-based artwork whenever you’d like to, and not have to worry about any negative ramifications that may come from doing so….. (just so long as you’re able to maintain things separately).

If you feel that Furry-based artwork is just a hobby, then – (it’s probably best) to just treat it as such; and not worry so much about getting any exposure, or extra followers, or whatever….. and, (by taking this approach) – you may even find yourself enjoying it a lot more; as opposed to having any sorts of stresses (or worries) about it. ;)

To be honest though – (many of us in the Fandom) could also say to you: that, creating Furry-based artwork (whether it be the SFW or NSFW varieties) – is nothing to be embarrassed about, to begin with; but…. that’s probably a more “personal” type of decision that one has to make for themselves.

And, (alternatively): if you’re thinking that doing this artwork (my potentially embarrass you, later on) – then, you may prefer to not only just treat this as a hobby – but to also – keep your Furry interests just to yourself (and the people you know well). And, if that’s the case – then, just doing it privately might be a good way to go…. (where you also won’t have to worry about maintaining a separate identity at that point, either).

But – (if you eventually decide that the latter option is the best choice for you), then – you’ll also have to live with the notion that none of your Furry-based artwork may be seen publicly, (which is the trade-off that you’ll need to accept), if you decide to keep things more personal and more private.

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