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Sketchbook: – The Neeostar Project

The Neeostar Project is a conceptual multimedia project that tells an original sci-fi story of a planetary system via visual, musical and interactive materials.
● The project is in development since July 2019, but also includes some previously made works.
● The Neeostar Project contains only original content (3D models, textures, designs, etc.) produced by me (Neeoray), if not stated otherwise.
● I use only free software: Blender, Krita, PaintDotNet, NanoStudio and others.

The system consists of the star Neeo and five diverse planets: Raehna, Fyerra, Salthea, Khaorn and Neastrea (more info below). Main settings and features of those planets are mostly established, still lore details, plots, characters (which are furry-related) and visual designs are yet to be developed, along with their representations through various content:

What is planned:

What is done:

Illustrations, showcasing the planet’s settings, key events and visual designs. Several finished pieces made with 3D graphics and digital painting. A lot of wips.
Animations and reels, that may amount to a short film. Several minor 3D animations. Two 360° videos. One showreel “Neastrea Cave”. A lot of wips.
Music album “Era of Escapism”, multigenre: experimental, electronic, ambient, metal. 23 minutes long EP “The Long Way Home”. A lot of demos.
Exploration game on PC, taking place on Raehna, the artificial planet. Unity basics learned. The 3D scene, gameplay and interior/exterior designs are in progress.

Here I’m going to post all the content that belongs to the project, show previous works and update the thread each time I make something new. This place could be convenient if you are interested in the project and want to track it’s progress.
> I also make general works and commissions, you can check them on my art pages : Fur Affinity, DeviantArt, Behance and others.
> For exclusive content (works in progress, screenshots, sketches, etc.), feel free to join my Telegram channel: neeoray | neeostar.
> If you want to support me, you can do it on my Ko-fi and Patreon, I would be very grateful! =3
Thanks for watching and reading!

All the following descriptions of plots and settings should be considered works in progress and might be changed, therefore they are vague on purpose. More info and content soon!


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