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Simo & the Melon Thieves: an experiment in Twitter fiction

After a lot of consideration, I decided to try something new:posting a story as a series on connected Tweets.


Mainly because it’s been hard to get people to read fiction, and as a writer,at least to this one, it’s just not all that fun, when you have no audience to write for. Though writing might be half personal satisfaction/catharsis, the other part is communication and connection, and that latter part is particularly true for this buoyant, extroverted skunk.

It’s been three days so far, and I’ve gotten more comments than Imight have gotten on FA in a year, so this is encouraging. Each day, I drop 2 to 5 tweets at a time, continuing along the action. It has something of the feel of a daily comic strip, only in words.

It uses much of the lore for Simo that I’ve created here, and takes pace in Skunk Hollow and Vulpine Valley; there’s (of course) the Spanking Barn, Savings Skunk and other familiar features, so it’s been fun to work them in.

Here’s a link; be warned, this story is NSFW/18+:

…hope it brings some enjoyment!

I’m also peppering the story with artwork here and again, and the story was in part inspired by a recent commission by @Chimichess:


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