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Show me your female characters!

Ah, a thread for me to show off! I’m mainly (like, 99%) featuring female characters in my art. I’m mainly a visual artist but not much of a storyteller, so there’s no in-depth backstories etc. For me they are more like a photographer’s models, I just make art with them, no need for me to know/think of all the details of their life. With that said, introducing…

Wanda, a psycho-yet-friendly brown hyena (note, yours and a hyena’s definitions of “friendly” may not match). Runs a little greengrocery which stands its ground against encroaching supermarkets not only by having best quality organic produce (including absolutely finest meat-replacement mushrooms for carnivores), but also thanks to the talkative, chatty owner, turning the place into a gossip hub for entire area.

Majka (May-kah) the arctic vixen. Your typical nice girl, but also has a thing for number crunching. Works with accountancy. Likes aggrotech music and industrial dance.

Joanna the bongo antelope. Skittish and somewhat aloof, needs some ice-breaking to get to know her better. Worka at archives of an university hospital, provides assistance for research by finding relevant materials (aka. information science antelope). Having daily contact with such disease-related things messes up her sensitive mind a little, making her constantly worried about her health, and going crazy with fitness and diets.

(note that the animation for her is somewhat old, so the quality is bit lower)

Aleksandra the oryx. Laid-back but (mostly!…) punctual bus driver. Loves watching teams ports on TV but usually is too lazy to do anything herself.

(No animation for her yet, but it will be fixed.)

There is also Lobelia the gray wolf, but I have only NSFW artwork of her so far. And I’m always wanting to extend this little “cast” of mine, but this goes awfully slow.

Now, for a feedback about your characters! (Note, Jessie’s link appears broken.) I like how you include some “neon-colored” accents for them. Not something I normally do myself, but still looks nice. I also like how their fur is very non-uniform in color. It’s noteworthy that you added some backgrounds, even if simple ones (I’m “guilty” of omitting the backgrounds too much myself). Your anatomy and faces look good and I like how you even add some shading. If I was to leave any improvement suggestion: get that shading even better. As it is now, it can be a bit “all over the place” and can blend with actual fur patterns too much. So that it’s hard to tell in some areas, is it darker/lighter fur patch, or a shadow/highlight? But then, on clothes your shading looks completely fine, and it’s something I can have trouble with (there’s more than one reason why my art subjects are usually disrobed, haha!).

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