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Seaching some good material for subbing… Let’s talk about some furry series.

Greeting ladies and guys.
I plan to resurrect some classic series in Italy, where unfortunately the licenses are scarce while the fans are many!

Here are what they are:
Road Rovers (1993)

Bucky Hare (1984)

For now it is only these two that I am trying to recover the subtitles and the movies.

The ones I have already completed are:

Swat Kats (1993)
-A really fun and very mature series for the time, subtitled with great pleasure! –

Rimba Racers (2014) In progress.
-A series on engines and racing, a surprise and with enormous potential, currently on break, I hope they will resume as soon as possible.-

Gargoyles (1994) Season one.
-A great classic of Disney Afternoon, unfortunately not available with Italian subtitles but can be found on Disney Plus.-

Ape Escape (2006) In progress.
-From the game, I have played the 2nd, the 3rd and the serie was necessary to complete all! ;)

Now, I’d like to ask your opinion and know if there are any furry animated series that may have been forgotten and where to get them.

Also, I noticed that, on Amazon Prime, English subtitles of Road Rovers are available and, unfortunately, they are not available in my country. Could someone who is registered could find the subs from Prime? It seems to me that it can be done.

As for Bucky Hare, it is a miracle that I have recovered the complete series, but not a single track of the subtitles, you know anything?

Let me know, in the future, with the permission of the administrators, maybe I’ll post links for our Italian friends and foreigners who would like to translate them into languages other than English. A good rebirth could come out. :)

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