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Sad thing about me | Fur Affinity Forums

One sad thing about me is that I have a group of people in a Discord server against me & anyone I befriend in the furry fandom! :(

The owner of the server has a youtube series called Total Paper Island, & my friend’s fursona has sadly been given a bad reputation because of one episode, which has resulted in people saying that he’s the worst person to ever exist! Yes I know that not everyone will like his character, but these people are taking the hate too far where they say that they’ll “break their Nintendo Switch” or “destroy their dad’s car” because of him appearing in any of their elimination series again! :(

They even considered my persona as one of the worst contestants as well! As well as my one of my fursonas in their friend’s series! They called me weak for example! :(

And in their tier lists, my OCs & my friends’ OCs are put in the bottom of the lists! Which makes me feel guilty that I gave my friends hate which I didn’t even know that they hated them!

So yeah! Because of this, nobody likes me and they think I’m caca & dogwater! :(


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