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Rules clarification regarding FA’s new crypto policy


With regards to today’s rule change:

3.5 Do not promote crypto currency and NFTs
Fur Affinity does not allow for the promotion of crypto currency or NFT platforms.

I am writing in hoping to hear from a mod/admin regarding:

1) Does this mean that artists can no longer say they accept bitcoin as a payment method for commissions?
2) Does this mean artists are no longer allowed to post a journal entry if they choose to make a genuine NFT of their own artwork?

There are a number of reasons why a blanket ban on crypto payments would be problematic:

  • PayPal does not allow their service to be used for adult commissions. Yes, people do anyway, but if you’re caught, you can lose all your funds and get a lifetime ban.
  • PayPal has many issues with chargebacks.
  • PayPal is not accepted in many countries (including now in Russia).

That is not to say crypto does not have its own problems (it does!), but blocking people from using it across the entire site is pretty heavyhanded. However, if the new rule is more intended to combat spam accounts who are not legitimately making furry content, then that is a pretty understandable rule.

Thank you to any mods who can provide insights as to the intention :)


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