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Returning user to the furry fandom, need help and/or ideas with a fursona.

Hello! I am a person that used to be a furry back in like 6th grade, but left only a year later because I was bullied for it. :( I had this rainbow cat fursona called Kitty, but by now that fursona feels dated, as well as characterless. I want to create a fursona that is unique. I am considering multiple styles/ideas to draw my fursona in (I am an artist), like:


honey (like a honeybee, or a bear)​

acid trip (lol maybe bring back the idea of my rainbow kitty but make it like wacky colours)​

chilled out, like maybe enjoys tea, wears muted clothing, maybe even a pot head lmao​

pixel art 80s retro (would hard to pull off if i ever wanted a fursuit for it)​

Even though I identify as a woman, I’d like this fursona to be male. I have always wanted to explore the other side of the spectrum. Playing as a male character would definitely fit this curiosity, where I can test out new concepts in a way that isn’t insulting towards any community.

You do not need to know anything about me to give suggestions, as I want this fursona to be a character, not a fursonified version of myself. I want it feel like I’m acting when I’m roleplaying and things. Anyways, do any of you furs have any suggestions as to not only a style, but perhaps a species I should be? I haven’t even begun to think what kind of species I would like to have my fursona be haha. Feel free to send me some tidbits of screenshots and such that you think would look cool on a fursona, or maybe give an idea of a fursona you’ve had a for a while? I definitely won’t copy your idea, but it might give me some inspiration or I might incorporate part of that idea into my fursona.

Thanks a lot! Hoping to get to know some of you guys in this thread. :)

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