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Request: – My 30th Birthday is on March 28th! Are there any folks willing to draw art of my character, please?

Hopefully this thread isn’t problematic or too premature.

My 30th birthday is just about 3 weeks away, & I’d presume getting art for your birthday is a nice surprise. & since art takes time, I’m posting about it in advance.
Not to mention that her current art is also the only art of her I have, & while it looks great, it’s from May 14th, 2018….
Plus, it’s a little awkward if the only art of your character is NSFW, so I feel it would be good to have some SFW artwork. So if anyone generous prefers doing SFW, I’d be glad if they gave their hand a try at drawing her!

The art of her!

Embrafillowy is meant to be cute, yet motherly, & cartoony (Ex: Pouch has hammerspace.) & ditzy in physiology & behaviour. She’s also over 2 meters tall, very physically dense heavy, & strong.
Normal stuff like her being friendly & cute is okay, but so is stuff that shows off her “toon logic”, or unintuitive/unexpected strength or mass. Stuff like tilting a couch by sitting on 1 end, pulling a bed bigger than herself out of her pouch, damaging floors by landing on them, seeing stars/birdies when dazed…. If you want to draw her NSFW, that’s fine, too! Super powerful hugs, etc.

If you’d like more details about her, I can try my best to give you more details about her physiology, personality, how she lives, & such, if asked.

But ultimately, what you draw of her, & how, if at all is up to you, & any choice of yours about that is fine with me!


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