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Request: – Moth Sona | Fur Affinity Forums

Hello Reader!

I am looking for someone who may be experienced in drawing moth species. If you know someone I would love the recommendation ^-^ When it comes to a range for price there isn’t one. My priority is finding quality when it comes to the final product and a professional approach to the whole process. Sadly this is a new character so there is no current art of her. However I do have detailed descriptions in regards to species, color choices, and overall look that makes up the sona in it’s entirety. Anyone interested in taking me on as a client is free to send me a message on FA. My username is the same there as it is on the forum. I will be sure to send a message with all the character details :) If you can provide links as references to some past commissions that would be appreciated.

P.S. When it comes to the actual art type I am trying to get a ref sheet + additional art.

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