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Request: – Hello! Would anyone like to draw my fursona, Sevo, please?

My Fursona is new to the furry community, & so am I. Therefore, I only have very little bit of info about him, but be creative & have fun drawing! Also, thanks in advance & here’s a few reference images, along with his own official ref sheet that I received from art raffles, free sketches & art giveaways from other artists in the part & just now!



However, try to keep in mind that the artwork of Sevo is SFW, only! Plus, I’m just so fascinated to see how other artists would draw this fun-loving joker of mine. Also, if you feel like adding a few backgrounds, a illustrated scene, or maybe a few comic pages for him, then that’s fine too. Just remember that it has to be in a fun place that he love to go to, like the crystal caverns or the ice caves for instance, cause he’s a huge fan of funhouse mirrors, or anything that has a goofy reflection, whether the distorted image is translucent or not.​

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