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Request: – Anyone willing to draw for me?

Hey everyone^^

Im hoping there are some nice furs who are open to draw some art for me from my fave character, Since i do not have the option to buy commisions because i live under conservatorship and im not allowed a bank account and online banking/buying stuff for the time being {im trying to talk to my conservator about it}
Im even willing to trade, if its a trade im looking for similar artskill.
Heres my FA if you wanna see my artstyle: Im still an amateur so i currently only do traditional, Since im better at it.

I would mostly like art from This chubby boy here {Warning NSFW} SFW pictures included here^^
Since hes my all time fave and comfort char^^ Im open for both SFW and NSFW arts, Just no fetishes or couplings with someone else please {please keep his adult Bodyparts as is}.
If its NSFW send me a link via personal DM on here. Dont wanna get in trouble:p

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