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Request: – Anyone wanna draw my new fursona? I got no icon or art.

Im not very good at art, but wanted to finally make me a fursona

Here is my Lanternshark sona, Colby.

-The dark parts on his body are navy blue.

-I prefer if the stripes on his socks were purple, but do whatever color looks best. His sleeves aren’t meant to be that long but I can’t draw hands soooo maybe shorten sleeves and draw fingerless gloves the same as socks.

-his hair is dark brown and curly, and all flows down. His eyes are brown as well.

-Maybe shorten his skirt, and make it black.

-for the pose or whatever, fo what you like or like that one famous fleurfurr drawing. You know the one I’m talking about.

Other than that, have fun!


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