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Request: – anyone up to fill some free pride month bases?

hello~ as the title says, I’ve found some really nice and recently made pride month bases, and I was wondering if anyone would be free to fill some of these with my fursona and my boyfriend’s
here are the bases:
I’d like to see the bottom right one done with mine and my bf’s, his’ as the big one, the small one as mine
here’s mine’s references:
and here’s my boyfriend’s:
with the base’s flag being the gay one, of course :p
if possible, I’d also like to see mine’s in the top left pose, wearing the rainbow stockings n’ all, tho it’d be more like a bonus, I’m mainly interested in the first one ‘cus I’d like to surprise my bf with it too .3.
and that’s pretty much it, I hope this catches someone’s eye, and happy pride month everyone~

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