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Do all of you have a middle name? I mean having two surnames are present or even quite usual elsewhere too, but it seems to me that middle names in the US (whether used, used as initials or not used) are sooo fucking widespread, almost a rule without exception. Why is that (if I’m right)?

I’m fucking Japanese, but I’ve got a middle name. It’s pretty ubiquitous A lot of the time, folks just initial out their middle names. Joseph A. Bank.

You guys seem like people always demonstrating for or against something, all the freakin’ time, with bumper stickers, signs in your yards and windows. Maybe it’s just a stereotype, but you seem to chant your opinions about political/religious/civil rights issues loudly, even knowing that big guys won’t give a shit about it.
Is it true, and if it is, why?

Because we can. Fuck your mothers tits to death. In America, it’s not enough to be right, you’ve got to be a dick about it too if you want your issue to go anywhere.

Maybe it’s again stereotypes and the mistakes of media portrayal, but you seem overly patriotic, you know, all that “proud to be american” stuff, even though there are many countries with much better living standards, better laws, less crime, more appealing history, etc. So what’s the big deal about being American, if it is anyway?

American may not be the most economically, technologically, socially, whateverlly advanced country on this earth. That being said, culturally, America has a history of being completely kickass. A common misconception is that patriotism is about being an ignorant fucking retard, when in reality, it’s loving what’s good about America, while working your ass off to correct what you believe it’s flaws are. I think Randy Newman put that shit best:

“I’d like to say a few words
In defense of our country
Whose people aren’t bad
Nor are they mean
Now the leaders we have
While they’re the worst that we’ve had
Are hardly the worst
This poor world has seen”

Your big cities are the most populated, but the typical american family is always portreyed living in those creeepy suburbs and dull small towns. Then who inhabits those big cities? Why is this kind of suburbian lifestyle considered as the “american dream”, if it is?

I’ve been to the suburbs, hated the fuck out of that shit, split the scene. They’re seriously creepy places. You never see people outside, they just stay at home and invite people over every once in a while if they wanna be social. If I had to generalize, the suburbs are more conservative/traditional, almost completely white, and entirely protestant. The cities, on the other hand, tend to be more liberal, more multi-racial, and a bit more “edgy” politically. I don’t think suburbia is the American dream, I mean, it might be, for crackers and bitches, but “the American Dream” isn’t a cultural construct. It’s an individual path towards self-actualization. Playing jazz and smoking pot is my American dream, fuck the suburbs.

What’s the general opinion (and your opinion) about the police and the fbi staff?

I fucking hate the police, and the FBI only exists to catch internet predators.

The police in America, I guess, are like police anywhere else. They’re just regular folks, given stupid amounts of power.

Regular person+Authority= TOTAL FUCKWAD

Why is the so-called “God” such a big issue in your country? I saw some statistics, and religion (christianity in particular) seems to be freakingly important for most americans. Why?

Look up “Dominionism” on google. That’s what christians are trying to do to America. They’re trying to take the damn place over and make God president. Now, keep in mind, not all christians are at all like this (Case in point, me) but religon has always been a major factor in the polling booths. It’s pretty much completely bullshit.

Is it true that most americans nowadays see smoking as a disguisting stigma, and treat smokers almost like lepers?
I know most states banned smoking in almost every public building (and that’s what probably will happen in my country as well, which as a smoker myself I highly dismiss). Are these bans really enforced in bars, pubs, clubs? Even in the darkest, most rotten, back alley ones?

As a smoker, I can firmly say that the anti-smoking folks are complete knobs. They’re goddamn hypochondriac, fatass motherfuckers that you just want to cut to ribbons. The good news is that at least in Colorado, while smoking is illegal pretty much anywhere, you can still get away with it pretty easily. The cops just look the other way a lot of the time, kind of like when you’re drinking whiskey out of one of those brown paper bags in public. It’s like that.

How do you perceive other countries and their inhabitants? What are the nations you like and dislike, and why?
(And do you have any opinions about Hungary? I’m not sure if you know us anyway, but if you do, let me hear those stereotypes :D)

The only thing I know about Hungary is that there was this one t-shirt I used to have with a picture of Hungary and Turkey, and it was set up with a I’m before Hungary and a “For” before turkey so it sort of phonetically spelled out I’m hungry for turkey. That stupid fucking joke that nobody got is the only thing I can tell you about Hungary.

I like countries with culture, which is pretty much all of them. Especially food, I’m like this crazy Anthony Bourdain motherfucker, I just fall in love with cultures, starting with the food, and then working my way backwards to the customs and everything. I esp. dig Spain, France, England.. Japan, and Russia. That being said, fuck China to death. I hate the living shit out of China.

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