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Question: How to RP? | Fur Affinity Forums


Lately I have had a sudden interest to maybe try to do RP, Roleplay, but I don’t know where to go or to start. Yes there is the Discords, these forums, and many more, yet I’m honestly intimidated by of all this; not sure where to start. Also, I am not too much of a social internet lad; I just usually post some random art, lurketh in thy chatrooms, where I may speak but not often, and that is it. Heck, even online friends, to me, is a bit alien; not used to it.

The only true aces I have, when it comes RP, is maybe some fancy writing (which I blame essays for), improvisation (which is why I really love and is the main spark to try some RP), and maybe voice act (also rooted in past experiences with improvisation).

Thanks for reading this, and hopefully the future help, and have a nice morning/evening,

Enjoy this picture of a wild lizard that was slain in the cool hit Capcom game, DMC5.


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