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If there is one method that I really like to improve your photography skills, its this one: Take photos the entire day, play around with the settings, perspective and topics. At the end of the day (lets say you made 300 photos). Make a top 30 of your photos. Once you made that, look at them closely, try to find any flaws, perhaps the lighting wasnt as good as you wanted it to be, and then cut the number of photos down to 10. And then, write down why you like these photos the most. What makes them different from the rest. This way you effectively improve your skills.

Also: Look at other artists work that you like, and try to understand how they made it. Keep in mind, iam not saying you should copy someone elses work, but there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from something that you like.

I hope you enjoy this hobby as much as I do :)


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