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[PBP] Welcome to VA-11 Hall-A

Welcome to VA-11 Hall-A

This is it. The place everyone and no one has been talking about. Where pop stars flourish for media popularity and junkies slink around corners for their own taste of artificial fame; though, for you, its just escape. Perhaps for a night, perhaps for the week. Visitors and regulars are always welcome so long as they have the money to back up their drunken chatter.

That’s what everyone does at bars, after all. They talk. Be it for good or ill, they talk, and it’s a Bartender’s job to listen. Possibly offer some semblance of advice. Maybe they’ll get lucky and the other patrons will do it for them…or maybe you’re the poor bastard in disguise. Wanting a night of peace after a weekend of serving cocktails to strays.

whatever the case, you’re here now.
Might as well make the most of it.
So, on behalf of all staff,
welcome…to Valhalla.

“Jeez…” Faline sighed, eyeing the bar as she wiped down another glass for the umpteenth time. Her ears perked at the slightest sound, but little held her interest for long in this morgue of a job. “What would it take to get some customers?”

Mondays were the worst.

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