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PayPal’s new policy is going to ruin every furry artist from Thailand…

I don’t know where exactly to write this, because this is actually a very big problem that will affect every artist from Thailand in general (including myself), as well as customers from Thailand. It’s currently being discussed around widely in my country and I think it’s important to share the detail about the situation on here to let you guys know what’s going on. I’m going to sum it up as short as possible, but you can read about the detail in depth in here:

I’m going to sum everything up in this post, I apologize if I missed some of the detail, I tried my best.

Q: So what exactly is happening?
A: PayPal is planning to change its policy especially for Thailand due to its relauching that’s going to happen within February of the next year.

Q: What’s the new PayPal’s policy?
A: Here’s the sum-up detail for it:
1.) PayPal personal accounts will not be able to hold a balance or withdraw funds, as well as sending money between countries via “Friends and Family” option.
2.) It’s required to identify through PayPal to make your account a business account in order to hold a balance, withdraw funds, and send money.
3.) To identify, you must go register your job as an artist as an “established business/company” in the local to pass the Thailand “Know your Business” (KYB) identify verification.
4.) This policy only applies in Thailand.

Q: So what’s the problem with it?
A: Only business accounts who register business/company with TAX ID can receive, withdraw and send the money, meaning that anyone (even non-artist users) will no longer be able to use all of that even for personal purposes such as sending money for friends and family unless we established business/company, which is very ridiculous because it mostly forced most of the artists on here to use the other methods that’s not PayPal. And it’s is also problemic for us because if we move to the other methods like Payoneer or Skrill, we’ll lose most of the chance of getting customers because we know that most of people use or only accept through PayPal.

Q: Well, can’t you just go register and identify then?
A: Yes, we technically can. But the problem is that smaller artists like me (which is literally most of the artists in Thailand because freelance artist is a job that’s being overlooked and not being supported properly in here) don’t really get incomes every single month as most of us are doing it as a part-time job. But with this, we’ll need many documents that are complicated and nearly impossible, just to do small commissions, which is totally uncalled for. Only few lucky ones (aka. Bigger artists) who’d get enough income through stuff like Patreon or Gumroad would have a bigger chance to register, but even them aren’t not okay with this change. If you look through some Thai furry artists that you’re following now, you might see them talking about this too.

This is all I can write for now, I apologize again if I miss anything or not being clear enough since there’s only limited use of words for me and it’s hard to explain about the law in my country and I suspected that this is not really because of PayPal itself, but I won’t get into the detail of it on here because I don’t know if I might break the rules here. But if I do, please let me know.

Also, I should put disclaimer about this too that this isn’t only my problem, it actually affects every artist from Thailand and most of us do not agree with this change because of how much it impacts us. You can look for more through Twitter I guess, just write “Paypal Thailand” in the search and it will pop up.

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