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Open Adopt / Adoption $3 Gournn Raccoon No Bid


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Name = Gournn Waschbar
Gender = Male
Species = Procyon lotor
Price = $3

“My arms get cramp easily. That’s why I need to exercise.” ~ Gournn

Gournn is stretching one of his arm in the illustration. He is a sport enthusiast. However he can’t stand wearing sport shirt or uniform. They are uncomfortable when sweaty. So his exercise time is quite disturbed. What he needs is someone lend him a pure white towel. Hope you can share the same interest as him and he can be your right best friend.

The image of Gournn is in JPG. No background, transparent background (A render). Size of image is 4320 × 7680.

The line art, coloring, and character design are made by myself and 100% original.

Customer who adopted him will be given three images. Gournn with costume (Clothes), the original Gournn (No costume), and Gournn Line Art. The latter two so Gournn can be customized.


The Agreement of Adoption =

1. Customer’s payment must be received within 24 hours.

2. Payment only available through Paypal.

3. Untamed Half forbid customer selling the adopted character.

4. Customer paid first then Deximo Dreadus send the character to customer.

5. Sending image through Email, Telegram, or directly through customer’s social media.

6. Untamed Half don’t allowed bidding.

Thank you very much.

Today I serve this character to customer from 05:00 AM to 00:00 PM. Hurry up be the first and last customer to adopt him.



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