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Decided to finally bring all my eldritch cosmic ideas to (visual) life for real now.
Also : my three sonas Cosmos, Sol and Jin are no longer possessed or controlled by anything anymore, they are what they are (their powers and talents remain the same), and this entity is its own.
Its name means “universe” in r’lyehian :

“You can kill my messengers, but you cannot kill the crawling chaos that is approaching. You still foolishly think this is a prison, but it is now my domain. And I. Will. SHOW YOU.”

Also known as :

  • Nemesis of Kin
  • Carrier of Galaxies
  • Hell in the Heart
  • Revelation Unfolded

Nilgh’rishuggogg is an Outer God that was created to be a slave by the Elder Gods. Following the war between them and the Great Old Ones, Nilgh’rishuggogg broke free and went on a rampage across battlefield among the cosmos, devouring the remnants of the ones killed and absorbing the energy/lifeforce of the ones destroyed (be it a Great Old One or even an Outer God, its own kind). It became a being with powers so unimaginable and unspeakable, each of its tentacles so vast and near-infinite that could contain galaxies within. The Elder Gods and Great Old Ones had to temporarily join force to banish it to the far edge of the universe, where not even a single spark of starlight was visible in sight.
But the monstrosity could not be stopped. When the war between the gods was over, in unleashed its horde of horrors, the Void-Spawns and the Star-Borns, in a mass invasion into the entire universe and dimensions beyond, even the Elder Gods’ realm. The Void-Spawns and Star-Borns infected the cosmos with the essence of their creator, spreading its domination and reign everywhere they could reach. Every lifeform devoured and consumed by the monsters, their creator would grow more in power.
Nilgh’rishuggogg is a horror to the Elder Gods, Outer Gods and Great Old Ones, the same way they are to mankind. It cannot be stopped nor contained, and it’s only a matter of time until it can break free from its prison to reign chaos and destruction across the universe once more.


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