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Hey there!
I’ve tried to find a post covering Amazon’s upcoming MMORPG but couldn’t find one (and page 2 following is cursed, as we all know) – so I now went ahead and created one!

New World is a multi-faceted RPG which will launch August the 1st this year, for those who aren’t already familiar with it. It underwent a lot of development, paradigm shifts and for sure is promising to become a very intriguing experience.

I’ve personally played in the early alpha under NDA and can say that it’s definitely worth a try, the content available in the current beta is better than I expected it to be and for those who are new to the game, here’s the trailer!

Also, for those who played the preview and want to catch up, here’s a video which covers how the game improved and what changed.

With the intro out of the way: What do you think about it? Why do you / do you not want to play it?
Also, feel free to post company invites here!


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