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New art-Base edit, Story Piece

A simple base edit to tide anyone who’s interested over to my next freehand art piece. Also, gives me an excuse to introduce some characters who’ll feature in ITL 2 so spoilers for that, though I haven’t written it out yet.

The tall white alicorn is Lady Graceline, a leading scientist in Labyrinthian studies and former world saving savior-type Hero, in her old story. She’s a mentor to just about everybody, and takes on Michelle, Illis, and Dreamweaver as students to understand their powers and gain control over them. Pictured next to her are her three assistants- yes, three, including the person trapped in the necklace. Up first, to Graceline’s right is Luci, a devil, a Villain in her story who on record has only ever burned down one orphanage, and nobody even died, so it barely counts. Before Labyrinth, she used her necromancy to attempt to summon an army of the dead and overthrow a kingdom before she was stopped. In Labyrinth, she does Lady Graceline’s paperwork and arranges her schedule. To her right is Midnight Glare, a half demon (non-Labyrinthian). She’s also a Villain, though more by association with her evil family than any great deeds of her own. By day she helps with paperwork, cleans and cooks, and lazes around ignoring her chores. She moonlights as an escort in Mr. M’s business, and she always skips union meetings to participate in mischief or just take a nap. Around her neck is Edward, a nobleman who sold his soul to her father in exchange for eternal life, leading to his predicament. His main job is to yell at Glare until she does literally anything she’s supposed to, and he lends his magical advice to anyone who asks. Glare and Luci have a love-hate relationship, where Glare loves making Luci hate her. Pranks, crass jokes, snide remarks, Glare is kind of a bitch. Luci is typically cold and stoic, but only Glare can get on the she-devil’s nerves enough to make her start yelling.

Villains have a very difficult time gaining or maintaining employment, due to the stigma around them, so Lady Graceline reached out to the three when she learned they were looking for a job. Luci was basically declared unhireable, since she was pompous and coldly arrogant, and had a tendency to attempt unholy experiments in the workplace or begin evilly monologuing her plans to serve the customers. Lady Graceline reached out when Luci was harassed by Heroes at her home, leading her to move into the Villain’s Bar, where most other Labyrinthian villains live. They get along well, even if Luci still exhibits the emotional aptitude of a brick. Glare and Edward were doing fine in the escort business, but she wanted some extra cash to fund a classier lifestyle, so she asked Mr. M if he knew anyone. She failed miserably at literally every other job because she was a lazy slob who’d rather pull pranks than wait a table. Mr. M tried the only person he thought would be patient enough to deal with Glare’s bs, and Graceline was happy to have her and Edward, who would have been hireable, if only he had hooves. Together, the four of them are like a horrible, hilarious found family who share collectively one (1) single brain cell.


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