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Need Opinions on Sona | Fur Affinity Forums

Got a reference sheet of my mouse Sonic sona but never got the colors down. After asking a guy from FA’s opinion, I made some additions and I’d like more opinions on the colors I chose (and maybe some suggetions too).

I’d add hair to his design and change the fur color but I’ve already had him in a few comms (with closed eyes) so unless you can add something to his design backstory-wise, then all I can accept are colors and small changes. No hairdos sadly, he bald. If you’re an artist you can make color edits too. He must stay white with blue eyes though.

Backstory for him is that he’s a clone seeking the original version of himself. That’s the reason why he has a number tattoo on his butt. Not a good guy since he’s enslaved by his creator, who sends him on errands (criminal acts).

No Colors (warning: nudity)

My Colors I need a second opinion on:

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