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My new (and first ever) Sona

Hello! I guess I finally worked up the nerve to post this. ^w^’ I’ve never made a sona before. I’ve always just used my Flareon OC and various pictures of Flareon to interact online, but I’ve never really felt like it was really “me”, you know? But, lately, I’ve been feeling the need to distinguish myself more between me and my OC, something that represents me a bit more, I suppose. So, why not fully embrace this feeling and use this as an opportunity to engage the community? I was going to post the full ref but it might be too silly/kinky for the forums… =>w>’=

Bear with my awful drawing skills. I’m already commissioning someone who can actually draw to draw him way better than I can. XD
But anywho, this chubby fella is Flare. Creative, I know. I haven’t really worked out a backstory yet, but what tidbits I do have right now is:

  • He’s 25, 5′ 8”, and we won’t talk about his weight.
  • He’s a Hyena/Fox/Dragon because I can’t make up my mind Fyenagon?
  • Personality-wise he has big brother energy, is a big lovable goof, and maaaaybe a glutton.
  • He has fire and lightning manipulation powers, can breathe fire, and is handy with swords and spears.

A big thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to look at this boyo. :3


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