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Movies or shows you think should be more popular with furries

There are several movies and shows which are considered quintessential furry movies. Zootopia, Robin Hood, the Lion King, etc. However, we all know some movies and programs which appeal very deeply to our furry sides which don’t get so much recognition within the fandom. So, this thread is the opportunity for you to reveal them and convince others that their furry aspect is worth paying more attention to.

To start things off, I’ll say Monsters Inc.

I guess because many of the creatures are…well…monsters which don’t particularly resemble any individual animal it has had less of a substantial furry appeal. However, on closer inspection lots of them are clearly based on at least one real or imaginary animal, with many being a combination. And for me, the main villain Randall seals the deal. He’s pretty much EXACTLY a large chameleon, and he’s awesome! I mean, he really should be an icon for scalies!


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