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[Milestone event] 10,000 FA page visit art event!

Seeing as the previous thread got deleted due to the forum being restored from a backup from before the thread were even made and I have hit over 10,000 page visits, lets start the event!

The rules are pretty simple:
If you are interested in potentially free art commissioned by me, feel free to post your character and associated refs for it below. One character per person please. I may commission the piece with a character I own included or I may commission an art piece with your character alone. I will choose pose, potential scenery, etc. I may commission from an artist on the forums or elsewhere.

This is not a lottery, mind. Depending on how many participants we get I may not end up picking you, but do not fret! There is a lot of opportunities for getting art, so if you don’t get picked there’s always a next time. ^^

If you have any questions feel free to ask them.


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