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Looking for people who want to take their art to the next level

Hello everyone!

I’m really trying to improve my art skills and become a better artist so I’m asking if there is someone(s) out there who want the same thing and would like to collaborate? :)
What I mean is that we will follow each others on whatever media we upload regularly to and post constructive critique and tips&tricks. I’m also open for having like a private chat(like a Telegram group) where we can help each others discuss new ideas to draw and give more personal feedback. :)

I’m currently trying to learn how to draw anthro canines better but I also draw humans. I want to draw landscapes too but I’m such a beginner in that regard.
Here is my DA gallery(where I keep all of my art) if you want to know what kind of style I pursue:

Best wishes

EDIT: Duplicate thread in General Discussion. It probably fits better here.

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