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Hello, I’m looking for writer(s) that can write TF/MC stories of a girl OC of mine named Aiko. The basic premise is that she goes to a nerd convention, and gets TF/MCed somehow. I have images made of the different transformations, each one is an independent story, probably 2kish words. I’m fine if multiple people want to write the same images. My main requirement is that anyone who applies, I want them to have at least one reference that features TF and MC before you’ll be considered. I’m afraid that out of all of the times I’ve had people without experience trying to write TF/MC stuff, only a few times has it ever been all right and I feel like I’ve lost out a few too many times for me to keep giving benefits of the doubt. That said, I’m pretty open to a lot of writing styles, whether you prefer more handholding or just a few loose expectations and you’d prefer to write it your own way. I just like seeing all the different ways the same kinds of images can be written differently. If you’re interested then please let me know the following:

Any references (some type of TF/MC required)
Your rates
Your expected turnaround time

You can respond on here or FA or DA, all of my accounts are the same handle, goldwyn11

Aiko before:
Aiko afters:
Good Examples of previously done works:


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