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Looking for feedback on my kobold

My fursona is very much a work in progress. No images yet, just a backstory and some rough ideas for physical appearance. But I’d love to hear what people think. Questions, criticisms, anything you’d ask my fursona if you met him? My creative juices flow best when I get ideas flowing in from other sources. In other words: plagiarism but not! :D

Anyway, I started with the bio form template, took some stuff out, and moved some other stuff around.

Name: Kardek (it’s also the name of my D&D kobold character, and I’d honestly like to come up with a better one that I haven’t used already, but I love the sound of the name)
Age: not sure yet
Sex: male
Species: kobold
Height: average for a kobold, which is about 1 meter (3 feet)
Weight: a bit chubby for a kobold, but he wears it well

Kobolds in Kardek’s world are similar to D&D 5e kobolds. They’re wingless mini-dragons that walk on 2 legs. They live in caves, can see in the dark, are highly intelligent, and are hard workers.

Kardek doesn’t fit in with other kobolds, and he prefers living among other creatures. Kobolds are a pretty homogeneous society, and he feels more at home in a diverse group of anthros. Although Kardek is no slacker, he chafes against traditional kobold values: the idea that his life should only be about work and raising kids. There’s a lot of things he dislikes about living with kobolds. They think caves are so great, because they’re always a constant temperature, but Kardek just finds that boring. Really, in general, kobolds are surprised that anyone would want to live anywhere besides a cave. Kardek doesn’t run into too many fellow kobolds, as he lives in a place with harsh winters. He hates the cold, but he’s gotten better at dealing with it. He’ll be bundled up with a warm hat and a scarf while his friends are just putting on light jackets.

A very sense-driven individual, Kardek is somewhat of a hedonist. He loves indulging all of his senses, especially when it comes to food. Food actually is what originally motivated him to explore beyond the caves. He ate a wild hot pepper by accident, having never experienced spicy flavor before. It was a painful but exhilarating experience. Almost like breathing fire, like a great big dragon would! He had to have more of it, so he found out where the peppers grew and followed them to his new home. (Kobold food tends to be bland and functional, it’s just there to keep you alive and fill your belly as quickly as possible so you can get back to work.)

Kardek’s dark-vision is not good as other kobolds, but that’s actually an asset for him. Because kobold eyes are adapted for cave living, they’re almost blind in sunlight. By comparison, Kardek’s eyes are just sensitive; a pair of sunglasses is all he needs. His favorite time of the day is around sunset (sunrise is too damn early), when the light isn’t too bright and he can appreciate the colorful sky that he’d never see underground.

Some people think Kardek is dumb. Surprisingly, fellow kobolds do not. That’s one of the few things he likes about his countrymen. Speaking other languages is really tough for him. Although few non-kobolds speak koboldish, most of them can speak 3 or 4 languages with relative ease. He struggles just to put together complete sentences, and in an effort to not look stupid he avoids talking unnecessarily. His pronunciation is actually pretty good, and he knows words for things he cares about (like all kinds of food vocabulary), but his grammar is terrible. So he mostly speaks by blurting out single words when he wants something or is expressing how he feels. This combined with his cute appearance makes non-kobolds think he is a friendly, if simple, creature.

Skills: intellectual pursuits, problem solving, MacGuyvering together things with limited tools
Weaknesses: doesn’t appear very intelligent, lacks confidence, poor impulse control
Likes: spicy food, sunsets, snuggles
Dislikes: cold weather, narrow-minded people

Okay, on to appearance! I’ve been looking through pages and pages of kobolds and here are the ones with the features I have in mind.

Overall proportions: (I don’t like the arms or legs, torso and tail are great, head is pretty close to what I want.)
Face: (not sure about the fins, but eyes and snout are so damn cute)
Arms and legs: and (digitigrade, skinny legs, almost rat-like)
Whiskers: (I like the idea of other facial hair or a reptilian feature that suggests it)

Clothing: The only thing I’ve settled on is that Kardek does NOT wear those steampunk goggles that have been done to death, especially on kobolds. Instead he’s got Vash the Stampede sunglasses. (

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