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List of Furry/Animal/Anthro Related Media (TV, Movie, Anime)

I noticed that there’s quite a lot of topics asking what kind of furry or anthro related shows or anime there is to watch, so with searching through the Tube forums at topics and thinking of others at the topi of my head, I’ve compiled a list. Not including books, these are shows, anime and movies that include an anthro or animal character in them.

Feel free to suggest one to add to this list, but please check and see if it’s not up here already. If possible explain if there’s an anthro or animal character in it or not, and whether it’s Movie, Animation, Anime, etc.

You can also correct me if I put something in the wrong section, or if something belongs in a different one (eg “This show belongs under Warner Brothers).

Please reply in this topic and not in a PM.

They’re listed alphabetically for hopefully an easier viewing. If you happen to see one that’s listed twice (eg Animal Farm), then that means they had both a live action and an animated version. Some will say “(and sequels)” even if they only had one since it’s easier for me. :p

TV/Television (Live Action):

– 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd

– Animorphs

– The Wombles

– Wishbone

TV/Television (Animation/CGI):

-Cartoon Network

— Chowder

— Courage the Cowardly Dog

— Swat Cats


— American Dragon: Jake Long

— Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers

— Darkwing Duck

— Ducktales

— Gargoyles

— Gummy Bears

— Lilo and Stitch

— Mighty Ducks

— Talespin


— Father of the Pride

-Hannah-Babera/Tex Avery

— Cattanooga Cats

— Scooby Doo series

— Tom and Jerry series

— Top Cat


— Angry Beavers

— Catdog

— Ren and Stimpy

— Spongebob Squarepants

— Rocko’s Modern Life


— Arthur

— Clifford

— Dragon Tales

-Warner Brothers

— Animaniacs

— Looney Tunes series

— Pinky and the Brain

— Tiny Toon Adventures

— Road Rovers

-Misc/Not Sure

— Alvin and the Chipmunks

— Biker Mice from Mars

— Bucky O’ Hare

— Care Bears

— Count Duckula

— Denver the Last Dinosaur

— Dinosaucers

— Family Dog

— Family Guy

— Franklin

— Garfield and Friends

— Little Bear

— My Little Pony

— Pound Puppies series

— Redwall series (Redwall, Mattimeo, & Martin the Warrior)

— Richard Scarry series

— Rocky and Bullwinkle

— Sam and Max

— Sonic the Hedgehog series

— Street Sharks

— Teddy Ruxpin

— Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

— The Animals of Farthing Wood

— The Dreamstone

— The Raccoons

— Thundercats

— Under Dog

— Untalkative Bunny

— Watership Down

— Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa

Anime (Live Action):

-Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (Power Rangers SPD)

Anime (Animation):

– Digimon series

– Dragon Ball series

– Hamtaro

– Kaiketsu Zorori

– Keroro Gunsou/SGT Frog

– Kimba the White Lion

– Ginga Densetsu Weed

– Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

– Inuyasha

– Jagainu-kun

– Monster Rancher

– Nanami-chan

– Ocha-Ken

– One Piece

– Pokemon series

– Robonimal PANDA-Z: The Robonimation

– Samurai Pizza Cats

– Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power

– Wolf’s Rain

Movies (Anime)

– Arashi No Yoru Ni/One Stormy Night

– Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature

– Jungle Emperor Leo

– Pom Poko

– Porco Rosso

– Princess Mononoke

– The Cat Returns

– My Neighbor Totoro

Movies (Live Action)

– 101 Dalmatians (and sequels)

– Animal Farm

– Beethoven (and sequels)

– Eragon

– Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (and sequels)

– Howard the Duck

– Jurassic Park (and sequels)

– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series

– The Neverending Story (and sequels)

– The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

– Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Movies (Animated/CGI) *Sorted by Company*


— 101 Dalmatians (and sequels)

— A Bug’s Life

— A Goofy Movie (and sequels)

— Bambi (and sequels)

— Bolt

— Brother Bear (and sequels)

— Dumbo

— Finding Nemo

— Gargoyles: The Movie

— Home on the Range

— Lady and the Tramp

— Lilo and Stitch (and sequels)

— Monsters, Inc.

— Oliver and COmpany

— Robin Hood

— Tarzan (and sequels)

— The Fox and the Hound (and sequels)

— The Great Mouse Detective

— The Jungle Book (and sequels)

— The Lion King (and sequels)

— The Rescuers (and sequels)

— Toy Story (and sequels)

— Ratatouille


— All Dogs go to Heaven (and sequels)

— An American Tail (and sequels)

— Balto (and sequels)

— Banjo the Woodpile Cat

— Beethoven (and sequels)

— Rock a Doodle

— The Cat in the Hat

— The Land Before Time (and sequels)

— The Secret of Nimh (and sequels)

— The Tale of Despereaux

-Warner Brothers

— Cats Don’t Dance

— Happy Feet

— Looney Tunes Back in Action

— Space Jam


— Charlotte’s Web

— Over the Hedge


— Madagascar (and sequels)

— Kung Fu Panda

— Shrek (and sequels)

— Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

-20th Century Fox

— Alvin and the Chipmunks

— Ferngully: The Last Rainforest (and sequels)

— Once Upon a Forest

-Misc/Not Sure.

— Animal Farm

— Animalympics

— Chicken Run

— Dragonheart (and sequels)

— Felidae

— Gay Puree

— Kaze Ghost Warrior

— Meet The Feebles

— Rock & Rule


— Wallace & Gromit series

— The Flight of Dragons

— The Golden Compass

— The Last Unicorn

— The Plague Dogs

— Valiant

— Watership Down

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