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Ki-Re’s Commissions: New Animated Pixel YCH!


Few info’s about me. I’m hobbyist artist, which specialises with animal art, mostly felines. I’m able to experiment in some other things, for example anthro and dragons. For futher informations and/or questions, just note me, or contact me via e-mail :)



For quick communication, please answer the questions below.

1. Chosen style:
2. Chosen shading style:
3. With or without background:
4. Amount of characters:
5. Character reference sheets or screenshots (I might need some colour checks or descrption in case of small details on screenshots)
6. Do you have any specific background in mind? If yes, please describe.
7. Do you wish any specific pose or mood in the picture? If yes, please describe.

I work after receiving payment.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!


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