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Jitsu Squad – 4 Player Side Scrolling Brawler

Hi everyone, I would like to present to you our newly launched game, Jitsu Squad!

Play as one of four warriors, who have been cursed into animal form, in an attempt to seal away their incredible strength.
Set off on a quest to stop the evil sorcerer Origami from obtaining the Kusanagi Stone, an artifact that can grant godly powers.

Transform into your Fury State
Level up your character to unlock their Fury Transformation!
Activate it to transform back into your human state, granting you invincibility as well as a new set of powerful attacks!
It requires a lot of focus to maintain this state, so your transformation time is limited.

Using combat mechanics similar to Marvel vs Capcom and Guilty Gear, we have created a brawler with a very loose combo system, allowing you to make up combos on the fly.
Mechanics include:

  • Chains that can be delayed into Hyper Chains (Think DMC)​

  • Three unique Weapons for each character, granting them additional moves, as well as enhancing your character.​

  • Parry incoming attacks, to instantly go on the offensive.​

  • Freely cancel into Dash, Jump, Parry, Super and Transformation to keep combat flowing.​

  • Defensive mechanics like Air Recovery and Fury Burst when being comboed.​

  • Tag Mode that allows you to freely tag in and out at any point.​


We are still actively adding content to the game, which will be available as free DLC in the future.

If you’re a fan of brawlers, and would like to see more games like this,
let your voices be heard by leaving a Steam review.
Help us bring back brawlers :D


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