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I’m Being Stalked Here on the Forums

Hello, frens! I have some very dire news I need to discuss. Someone on the forums, a recent user, has been stalking me for the past couple days. I don’t know how long this will last, but I’m spreading awareness, just to be sure.

A user by the name Rageing_wolf contacted me and wanted to try dating me. I previously had a decent experience dating online before, so I thought I’d try it again since I was open to it. However, after about a little over a month, I noticed the amount of red flags that were starting to pile up. One in particular was so awful, in fact, that I decided to break things off.

But it hasn’t ended there.

From that point on, Rageing_wolf began to harass me and my friends in an attempt to get me back. He even got his own friends involved, so I inevitably had to block them, too. I thought everything would blow over and he would move on, but apparently, that’s not the case yet. I have incriminating evidence and two witnesses testimonies regarding his stalker behavior, so if you see the name ‘Rageing_wolf’ or his new identity on the Forums, @all might is here , avoid him at all costs. He may come off as a good person, but his behavior is volatile and dangerous.

You can also identify him by his fnaf oc, which he uses on his most active furry accounts-

As for the evidence, this individual has threatened to find me in my workplace in my own state. My friend, Parabellum, sent me these screenshots showing he’s been threatening me-



While it may seems like he has good intentions, it’s still 100% not okay to threaten to show up to someone’s workplace without consent. I did not once tell him the location of my workplace, so when I saw this, I was terrified. What if he follows through? What if he hurts me? These are things you never want to think about, ever.

As for how @all might is here plays into this, everything he says matches details he’s given me when we were dating- a 20 year old African American male, his birthday being April 12, 2000. I wouldn’t be concerned about the fact that he deleted his account and made a new one if he didn’t contact me almost immediately, trying to pass himself off as someone new-



Other incriminating evidence includes his family situation, name dropping my home state, and choosing to name his profile ‘all might is here’- which is a direct reference to an anime I introduced him to personally. He also seems to have a fixation on bearded dragons- the species of lizard that my main sona, Mae, just so happens to be-


But, that’s not even the scariest part. Even on this account, he’s threatening to move clo

He also deleted his previous account, as found here in the +18 dating thread-


So, as to warn all of you innocent folks- stay away from this user! He’s very persistent, and I don’t know when and if this will stop. I hope to have two of my friends give their side of the story, so they can back up my claims.

I just wanted to spread awareness, and tell y’all to be safe. :3

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